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Educator Grant Follow-up: A Star Teacher and Her Star Students!

From honoring student voices through podcasting to adaptive technology and sensory tools, we love seeing grants in action on our SAISD campuses! We caught up with Amanda Scecina, a long-time teacher at Madison Elementary to see how her grant has been implemented on her campus. Her project, “Make it Rain” allowed her to purchase a Cash Cube, just like on the gameshows, which encouraged students to collect “Star Bucks” to spend in their school store.

Mrs. Scecina has spent her entire teaching career at Madison Elementary. She has a pulse on what is needed to help her students thrive in a positive environment. Madison uses PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) to encourage, motivate, and provide a safe environment for their students. PBIS is an evidenced-based system that is used to support students’ behavioral, academic, social, emotional, and mental health. She knew for the students to “buy in” to the PBIS system, she needed some fun motivators.

With her grant, Scecina was able to purchase a Cash Cube and prizes to fill the school store. The Cash Cube has been an exciting experience for students and encourages students to make positive choices so that they are eligible to participate. Mrs. Scecina knows that not all students can have this sort of experience outside the classroom, so she was thrilled to bring it to her campus. 

We believe our teachers know what our students need to help them succeed. Together we are expanding experiences and opportunities for our students every school day! Read more about what our talented teachers are implementing through our educator grant program at 

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