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Read our 2022-2023 Annual Report

Click the image above to flip through the pages of our latest annual report for the school year and see what our donors and SAISD family make possible.


Educator Grants Awarded


Students Reached


Educators Awarded

Numbers reflect School Year 2022-2023

Ensuring our students thrive inside and outside of the classroom
A key way we support teachers and student in all learning environments is by awarding grants to our teachers and those who are in our schools every day. As an independent 501 (c)(3), we are able to work closely with our campus leaders and educators to fund what is the best fit for their students and their campuses. From classroom mini-grants to school-wide principal grants, together we are expanding experiences and opportunities for our students every school day! Meet some of our talented teachers and what they are implementing both in the classroom and after school through our educator grant program below!.

Ensuring our students thrive after high school graduation
At the SAISD Foundation, we are committed to increasing the success of our students who are choosing to pursue a postsecondary education. One of the key ways we do that is by funding 200+ scholarships annually. As the primary non-profit partner for San Antonio ISD, we are able to work with campus-based counselors to make the best matches and fill the highest needs. We also offer a number of supports such as our Emergency Gap Program and Postsecondary Navigator to ensure that barriers we can remove don’t get in their way as students work to persist from high school graduation through to college commencement or completion. With the help of these programs the enrollment to college within a year of high school graduation has increased to an all-time high of 56% for the Class of 2023. Learn more about our talented students below.

If you are inspired by the SAISD teachers and students, you can help.

How educator grants are making an impact

Innovative Grants
Outdoor Classroom: Let the Adventure Begin!
“I’d like to create an outdoor classroom where we can take learning outside. If we want to launch water rockets or test water samples, we can do it from our outdoor classroom. Using the outdoor classroom as a greenhouse, students can learn to use green energy sources to power the space. This would create a wonderful place for learning opportunities at CAST Med High School.”
Mr. Garcia-Roman
CAST Med High School
Music for Motivation, Sound for Socialization & After School Involvement Initiative
“Having an Innovative Sound System that plays music during class motivates the students to workout harder and they have more fun during PE class. It makes a difference when students can hear the Fitness Gram (state-mandated test for (Physical Education) and when students can hear clear concise instructional directions. We want to give them an outlet to work out the stressors of their life in a positive manner.”
Coach Sarabia and Mr. Abbate
Engaging & Motivating Students
"Thank you very much for your generous donation to my class and my students! We are thrilled to have your support. I value their hard work and progress and will continue to promote a positive learning environment. They get super excited when they are rewarded for their hard work! My students and I are very grateful!"
Mrs. Grover
J.T. Brackenridge Elementary School
Building Literacy Through Theater
"On behalf of myself and the students, we want to thank the SAISD Foundation and their partners for their continued support. The funds we have received have provided our students with opportunities to learn about science and apply their knowledge and skills using a variety of student-centered and STEM-based activities."
Dr. Sexton
Poe STEM and Dual Language Middle School
Math Manipulatives & Games
As a kinder teacher, it is hard to get the students engaged. When their mind and bodies are fully engaged, it helps me understand areas where they can grow faster than traditional whole-group learning. Thank you to the donors for this opportunity. It makes teaching fun and doable
Ms. Gonzalez
Storm Elementary School

How scholarships and emergency gap are making an impact

Ana & Armando Scholarship
"Transitioning to college halfway across the country is tricky, but knowing people like [SAISD Foundation donors] believed in me even at times when even I questioned myself, pushed me to be here four years later, graduated from a prestigious college with a degree in neuroscience, ready to tackle whatever comes next."
Katrina Gutierrez
Lanier '19
Francis G. Greiner, MD Scholarship
“This scholarship is what allows me to create my best quality work, practice piano, and teach students without worrying about working for college. This has allowed me to establish myself amongst OLLU’s Music program as a reputable musician and given me all A’s! This was my first semester staying on campus (also directly the result of your help) and has allowed me to make many friends and find community amongst my peers. Thanks once more!” (November ’22)
Marcus Antu
Highlands '20
Beyond scholarships, our programs helps students enroll and persist in college
College Tour Program
"The trip was life-changing. It was a bundle of experiences that I and many other kids never had beforehand. Most students never leave the city, let alone the state, or go on a plane. Most of the time high schoolers hear "out-of-state" and think of Harvard or big-priced Ivy League (colleges). But these trips show that there are great schools out there that want high-achieving students from underrepresented zip codes— and that they are affordable, achievable, realities."
Brandy Vargas Guevara, Sam Houston '18
Middlebury College '23

Principal & School-Wide Grants

Emotional Recharge Room

The Rogers Academy Student Council and Principal Ms. Fowler are working together to create their Emotional Recharge Room to support students. With their school-wide grant, they will have a student-created space where students can recuperate and recharge throughout the day. We are proud to support their goals and ensure that Rogers scholars have this special room at their campus to support mental wellness!

Wilson Cy-Bears

The Wilson Cy-Bears have been working full steam head on their lessons for robotics! From learning how to create simple robots that move up and down to year-long commitments for more complex systems, students have loved every moment of "leveling up" their STEM skills.
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