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Nathan Perez, Lanier HS – Scholarship Recipient

Nathan Perez, the one known for his smile, is a graduate from Lanier High School. During his high school career, Nathan was very involved, participating in art club, chess club, and robotics. He was also involved in the community as a member of Kym’s Kids, volunteering for local non-profit organizations like Haven for Hope and the San Antonio Food Bank, and maintaining a part-time job at HEB. As a young man who has gone through numerous endeavors, Nathan has always strived to be an optimistic and hard-working individual. Despite his struggles, he has continued to persevere and embrace the joy and happiness of others. Nathan emphasizes that those rough patches are experiences that have shaped his life and has motivated him to want to live an even better one.
Nathan will be attending Texas State University and pursue a career in business and finance. With his strong passion of numbers and desire to help others, he plans to use his skills to become a financial advisor to help families make wise financial decisions. He aspires to make an impact in the community by improving financial struggles through increased awareness and knowledge. With the help of SAISD Foundation, Nathan is able to further his career in college. Nathan was one of the recipients of the Lanier Alumni Scholarship that is funded by a Lanier Alumnus and granted annually to two graduating Lanier students who are pursuing a career in business, accounting, or banking.  As a recipient he says, “The Lanier Alumni Scholarship will help me rid myself of some of the financial burdens that otherwise would have been brought upon myself as well as my already financially struggling family.” Furthermore, he feels this scholarship will motivate him to put more time and effort into his studies.

Nathan has dedicated his time to provide for his family and help others become more confident in themselves despite their struggles. In order to destigmatize and raise awareness of mental health issues, Nathan shared that he experienced a difficult period in which he had to be admitted into a psychiatric hospital. Although he felt he was at his lowest, this experience significantly impacted his well-being allowing him to value life itself and helping others. He is now the confident and positive individual he has always sought to be. His devotion to his studies and involvement in the community has paved a successful path for him and has given him the opportunity to pursue secondary education.

Nathan quotes, “The patches of dirt in the grass no longer represented something that once was but something that could be.” He explains the patches of dirt that represent his hardships and struggles have molded him into the positive person he is today and the goals he’s set to accomplish.

As a Lanier graduate in the footsteps of his mother and father, Nathan was able to continue their legacy. He explains, “As a Lanier alumni, I hope that one day I will be able to give the same opportunity provided for me to other Lanier students, and carry that torch to a generation of future thinkers and innovators.”

By Kartina Muñoz, Sam Houston Class of 2018

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