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Great Grads! Stories from SAISD Foundation Scholarship Recipients

Sam Houston High School: Autumn:

Congratulations to Autumn for being selected for the Sam Houston Class of ’89 Cheer Scholarship! 


Autumn’s journey began with hands-on experiences in childcare. Working at a daycare center and babysitting children provided her with a solid foundation and confirmed her desire to work with young ones. But it wasn’t just any path she wanted to follow—Autumn felt a particular calling towards helping at-risk infants who need extra attention and care. She shares, “I have chosen this occupation because I have a big heart for helping small children. Working at a daycare and babysitting children has provided me with a solid foundation for working with young children. Helping at-risk infants is something I am passionate about. They need more attention and care I believe I can bring.”



She looks forward to working in a welcoming and encouraging environment where she can use her knowledge and skills to provide the best care possible. Her goal is to build strong relationships with her coworkers and patients by always being respectful, keeping patients informed, and maintaining a positive attitude.  She is confident that this career is the perfect blend of her interests and that she will succeed in this field. Her enthusiasm and dedication are sure to make a positive impact on the lives of the tiniest patients. We are inspired by Autumn’s story and her unwavering commitment to making a difference. 



Thank you to the Sam Houston Class of ’89 cheer team for helping a fellow cheerleader as she begins her next chapter! We are proud to work with the Cheer alumni group to help more Sam Houston Hurricanes reach their full potential. 

Young Men’s Leadership Academy: Andrew and Alfonso

We are proud to recognize Andrew for receiving the Francis Greiner Scholarship and Alfonso for earning the Rosas Family Scholarship through the SAISD Foundation. 

Andrew plans to study biology at the University of Arizona and credits his 9th-grade biology teacher with this decision. “As my interest in the subject grew, my grades increased tremendously as I was very devoted to his class which honestly helped me grow foresight as to the major I wanted to pursue in college.” In his scholarship essay, he shared how his biology teacher made learning enjoyable throughout the pandemic. “Initially, I was attending school online due to COVID-19, but throughout the year I had the option to attend school in person. Quite hesitant at the time I knew being in person would expand my knowledge on a subject he molded me to care so deeply about. As my interest in the subject grew, my grades increased tremendously as I was very devoted to his class which honestly helped me grow foresight as to the major I wanted to pursue in college. I thank my biology teacher for creating a dynamic and enjoyable learning environment even when there were minimal resources available.”

As for Alfonso, he was inspired to enter the field of music due to his grandmother. “Music has always been a significant part of my life, and I’ve witnessed its remarkable ability to evoke emotions and memories firsthand. Despite my abuela’s Alzheimer’s, certain songs from her past can still bring a spark of recognition and joy to her eyes. After college graduation, my goal is to become a music therapist specializing in Alzheimer’s care. I want to create personalized music therapy programs that cater to each individual’s unique needs and preferences.”

Congratulations to these two seniors for their accomplishments! Learn more about scholarships offered through the SAISD Foundation at

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